Monday, September 25, 2017

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to the USS Maximillian, Central Ohio's oldest Independent Science Fiction Association.  This means that we are not affiliated with Starfleet International or the International Federation of Trekkers.  We are governed by our own set of rules and regulations.  Our club has served Central Ohio since 1992.  This year we are observing our 25th anniversary!  

New members are always welcome!  If you are a fan of any kind of Star Trek, or just a Science Fiction fan in general we would love to meet you!  Our club provides a fun, safe atmosphere where like-minded fans can get together for movie nights, game nights, potluck dinners, outings to conventions, film premiers, museum trips and so on.  We also do charity fundraisers which support the Mid Ohio Food Bank.  We are a family friendly group and members of all ages are welcome to join us.  (If under 18 please bring a parent or guardian along.....they can join too!)

Meetings are generally held the every SECOND Saturday of the month. Meeting locations will vary and will be posted monthly.  Go to Our Blog for more detailed information about upcoming meetings and events!

Monday, July 24, 2017

"Reach for the stars and grab the future."

                                              ~Christa McAuliffe~