About Us

 Welcome Aboard the USS Maximillian!

Our Motto: 
Reach for the stars and grab the future.
Commanding Officer
Captain Nathan Cobaugh

The U.S.S. Maximillian is a Central Ohio Science-Fiction Fan association, and the largest independent vessel in the area.  In existence for over 20 years, the Maximillian continues to boldly go where no fan club has gone before, bringing a unique mix of fellowship, fun, group outings and charity.  We meet on the second Saturday of every month in the house on the hill behind Star Base Columbus and Collision One.

If you are a fan of any form of Trek, or just Sci-fi in general, you have a place on the Maximillian.  Though our members are as varied as their backgrounds, walks of life, interests and talents, Star Trek is what brings them together.
Memorial Ceremony for the victims and families of 9/11

Outside of the monthly meetings, the Maximillian provides an activity program which allows it's members to have fun, help the community, and develop lasting friendships.  These activities include attending, and in many cases, working Star Trek and SF conventions throughout the area, seeing movies as a group, museum trips, community service, picnics, trips to amusement parks, and even outdoor activities such as canoeing and camping.  In other words, the Maximillian is limited only by the imaginations of it's members.

 The Maximillian organizational structure is similar to that of a Luna class star ship in the fictional universe depicted in Star Trek.  Our members hold fictional positions within the organization and earn fictional rank to denote their time as members as well as their level of activity. In addition an elaborate awards program has been developed to recognize our members for their achievements and activity.  What you put into the organization is what you get out of it.  Our main objectives are to help the community be a better place to live and make lasting friendships, and most importantly, to have fun.

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